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"The Versatile, affordable Tru-Grind Sharpening System"
The Versatile, affordable Tru-Grind Sharpening System

Toolholder & Base slide boxed set with video
and instructional booklet

The Tru-Grind Sharpening System is the best sharpening system available today. It can sharpen a huge range of tools. Such as turning, carving, carpenters, lathe bits, drills and many other items. Fits most bench grinders. Comes with instructional video. It is the ideal sharpening system.


Our Price: $162.55

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Average Rating 5

Anonymous Rated: 5
TruGrind Sharpening
Hi. My name is peter and I live in Goulburn, I have been blind since birth and my teacher John has been looking for a system so I can sharpen my own tools. Iím sure we have found it in your truegrind system, it is a great product and it has enabled me to get a lot more work done. Now I donít have to find someone to sharpen my tools I canít praze this product enough, congratulations. Peter

tru grind sharpening system
Have been a precision engineer in the past so no what a well ground tool looks like. This tool has really shown me what a true edge should look like it is estounding with the video and booklet its a value package, well done woodcut.

Rick Bruce Rated: 5
Rick Bruce
I just wanted to let you know that I have used your True Grind System for 2 years, and I must say that I have been EXTREMELY happy with the edges I have been able to keep on my turning and straight chisels! I cannot recomend your system enough to anyone,Except to say,try it out. You will not be disappointed!
Thanks again, Rick Bruce

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